A New Experience for two Girls

     Josephine and her friend Penelope, who had been invited for a sleep-over, were in Jo’s room deep in conversation.  Like many young girls of their age they had a horrid fascination with the smacked bottom!  Neither girl had ever been over the knee not because they were ‘goodie-goodies’ but because, to that day, neither had ever been caught out in naughtiness bad enough to attract that classic domestic punishment.  They both felt, privately, that something was missing from their lives and that it was now too late.  They were intrigued and more than a little excited when they had heard that very day that Sylvia, another friend of their age, had had her bottom soundly smacked by her mother for lying.  Sylvia, when asked about it, had, quite understandably, been coy and embarrassed to find the word had got out.  It seemed to her, the whole village knew or even the whole world knew and were looking at her with prurient fascination.  She did not want to talk about what to her had been an extremely painful, shaming and undignified business, she had learned her lesson, she did not want to sit down, she could not sit down, her bottom throbbed and smarted with pain and regret!  Sylvia’s younger sister had witnessed her chastisement and had, I’m afraid, not been shy about putting the word around in some detail!  The girls were agog with excitement to hear how it had been done, to learn that she had been laid over her mother’s lap and, with her knickers pulled down to her knees, had been smacked with a hairbrush on her bare bottom in front of her sister, and worse, in front of her nasty little brother.  Sylvia, they learned, had screamed more from shame than pain and, oh the thrill of it, her bottom had glowed an angry red before it was over.  She had then been sent in disgrace to her room.  It was some time before she wanted to appear in public!

“Have you ever, you know, had it?” Jo asked with brazen boldness.

“NO!” Penny shrieked in mock indignation  “Of course not!  Have you?”

“Well, …”

“You have!  You have, haven’t you? When?  What for?  What was it like?”

“It wasn’t hard, just a slap, but it stung!”

“Oh, Jo!  You naughty girl” giggled Penny  “Did she pull your pants down, did she put you over her knee and whack your bum?”

“No!  Nothing like that.  I wish I hadn’t told you now.  But now you know I’ll tell you.  It was a couple of years ago but even so I thought I was too old for that! It was only one slap on my skirt and I was standing up at the time.  There, that’s all.  Nothing more.”

Jo paused then, grinning shyly, she said “I wonder what it’s like, you know, to have it like Sylvia did.  To have to go over the knee”

“And have your knickers taken down!” squealed Penny  “How awful!  With everyone watching!”

Jo was now really excited.  She leaned over to whisper in her friend’s ear.

“We could try it!”

“What?!” gasped Penny in mock alarm “You mean try it now.  You and me?”

“Are you chicken?  Come on!  You can smack mine if I can smack yours.  It’ll be fun and we’ll know what it feels like! ”

Penny was now very excited too!  The thought of being spanked like a naughty little girl by her dear friend was so thrilling!  She decided it was now or never.  She hoisted her skirt! 

“I’ll go first!” she whispered  “Sit down, I’m going over your knee!”

Jo was surprised and delighted at the turn of events.  Her heart was pounding as she watched her friend get ready!  Penny seemed to know what to do!  She hooked her fingers into her pretty floral knickers and eased them down onto her thighs!

“Well” she said boldly  “You suggested it.  I’m ready!  Sit down and take me over your knee just like Sylvia’s Mum!”

Jo was aroused at the glimpse Penny had allowed her and she wanted more.  More of her friend’s pert little bottom!  Seating herself on her bed she reached for Penny and pulled her down.  Penny, squirming, let herself be guided into place over Jo’s lap.  The feeling of Jo under her and the cool air wafting up her skirt and the thought of what they were about to do filled her with a feeling of naughty anticipation.

“Come on” Penny sighed  “Smack my bottom, I dare you to!

“You are a naughty girl and I will certainly smack that little bottom!  Let me just get this skirt out of the way.”

Penny lay still and panted with excitement as she felt her friend lift her skirt and lay her bottom bare!  Jo gazed in wonder at the pretty bottom and could not resist the temptation to give those delicious mounds a little stroke and to run the tips of her fingers lightly along the divide between them and across the creases at the top of Penny’s thighs.

“Oh, Jo!” Penny breathed  “That’s lovely!”

“But, my girl” said Jo  “That’s not what you’re here for, is it?  Ready?”

For the first time in her life she raised her hand and began to spank.


Penny squealed in delight  “Ouch!”

It was a tender, tentative little spanking raising a pink blush on her friend’s bottom.








“There!  I hope you’ve learned your lesson” said Jo pulling Penny’s knickers up and giving that sweet bottom a gentle pat.  “My turn now!”. 

Penny scrambled off Jo’s lap and stood up, blushing on all four of her cheeks!  She smiled shyly at her friend.  “That was lovely, so thrilling.  Thank you.”

She took Jo’s hand and pulled her off the bed.

“Now it’s your turn. Come along.  Over my knee with you!” and she sat down on the bed.

“Did it hurt?” asked Jo nervously rubbing her bottom..

“Don’t waste time, girl” said Penny in her best guess at a strict mother’s voice.  “Get those knickers down this minute and get over my knee!”

Jo was really in the swing of the game now!  She hoisted her skirts displaying a pair plain, navy blue school knickers.  They had a high elasticated waist and stretched down onto her thighs where they were again secured by elastic.  I have heard these garments described as passion killers, I cannot imagine why but I’ve led a sheltered life.  Jo pulled them down exposing a lovely plump bottom which, even at her tender years, showed all the promise of the womanly curves which she would boast before she was much older.  It was a bottom which deserved prettier knickers!  Jo, slightly apprehensive, gave her bottom a tender caress before she leaned over Penny’s lap and lowered herself into place to be spanked.

Penny lifted Jo’s skirt and gazed in awe at her fine target.  She eagerly raised her hand.

“What on earth are you doing?”

The girls looked round in alarm to see Jo’s mother standing in the doorway.

I’m not sure what Jo’s mother thought she would achieve by what she did next.  I’m not sure but I imagine she intended to “cure” these two healthy young women, for they were by no means children, of their newfound interest but if that was her intent, well?  She gave them both a sound smacking using Jo’s wooden hairbrush and upon their bare bottoms. 

First she took Penny who could, you might think, have objected most strongly at the prospect of being spanked by a comparatively strange woman..  Penny, looking thoroughly discomfited, did not object but allowed herself to be guided across the knee for the second time that afternoon.  Jo’s mother had chosen the dressing table stool for her purposes so that Penny, a tall girl, when draped over her knee could reach the floor both with her hands and the tips of her toes.  Jo watched as her mother hoisted Penny’s skirt and pulled her knickers down off that adorable bottom.  Penny looked round, anxiety showing in her pretty face, and caught Jo’s distraught gaze just as the first stinging, shocking stroke from the hairbrush struck down across both cheeks!  She shrieked, it was, don’t forget, her first ever taste of the hairbrush, and burst into tears!  Jo burst into tears as well and covered her face with her hands.  Jo’s mother gave Jo’s friend Penny three dozen WHACKS reducing her bottom to a mottled mass of angry red/purple welts before inviting her to get down!  Penny crawled off the altar of her punishment first to kneel on the floor by the side of her tormentor and then to allow herself to be helped to her feet and sent to stand against the wall with her skirt hoisted and her bottom on display. 

Then It was Jo’s turn!

Jo, don’t forget, had not had her play spanking before they were interrupted so her bottom, her full, rounded womanly bottom was virgin territory and she had no idea how it was going to feel!  She did know that it had reduced her friend to tears before her very eyes and she felt sure she would soon be weeping too but how did it feel?

Jo’s mother said  “You’re not going to make a fuss, are you?”

Penny turned her tearful face to watch as Jo stepped over to the dressing table and allowed herself, heart pounding in her chest, to be put into that oh, so traditional position across her mother’s knee.  Up came her skirt, down came her knickers and she, too, was introduced most forcefully to motherly discipline.  Yes, she yelled and she wept and she squirmed across her mother’s knee as her full buttocks flattened and bounced and reddened under her sound whacking.

When it was over she too was sent to stand in disgrace against the wall to think about the error of her ways but, of course, neither she nor Penny nor, perhaps, you, dear reader, could see what she’d done wrong.

Later the girls lay together on Jo’s bed and gently rubbed cold cream into each other’s rosy cheeks.  Now they knew what it was like to lie, helpless, over the knee and be thrashed to a weeping mess!  It was wonderful, they decided, thrilling!   Jo’s mother had made spanking fetishists of both of them!



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